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The United Arab Emirates has a variety of nice restaurants in Dubai that offer exceptional dining experiences. In one of the most competitive dining scenes, Dubai restaurants are worth everyone’s cash! If you are searching every corner to find a nice restaurant in Dubai, we have scoured around and brought you the latest and greatest in food and drink, FRNDS Grand Cafe.

Discover the Best of the Best in Dubai

One of Downtown Dubai’s nice restaurants and foodie destinations, FRNDS Grand Cafe packs a restaurant and venue, a mixed drinks bar, and top-notch Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine influenced by two of the most delectable cuisines. Headed by Executive Chef Matthis Grosjean, who leads the culinary team at FRNDS Grand Cafe. The restaurant’s modest atmosphere lets the food do all the talking. 

FRNDS Grand Cafe is considered a nice restaurant in Dubai, with modern inspiration from the rich Artdeco era reflected in design and style that reflects our current reality. With its warm, inviting atmosphere, magnificent architecture, natural components, impeccable service, soft lighting, and elegant furniture, FRNDS Grand Cafe has firmly established itself as a chic and trendy spot for Mediterranean and Japanese food in Dubai. 

When dining at this nice restaurant in Dubai, you can expect big things! FRNDS Grand Cafe has a menu that you can choose from, and food will be served in exquisite courses. It is without a doubt one of the top Mediterranean and Japanese restaurants to eat at in Downtown Dubai. Having a meal at this nice restaurant in Dubai is always a delight because of its careful preparation and fantastic flavors.

This lively, moodily lit venue has a cool atmosphere that makes it a great spot to gather with your friends, while its menu comprises plenty of Mediterranean and Japanese food like sushi, pasta, and salads. So, whether you are in the mood for a fancy dinner on a floating marble table with warm lighting, a casual lunch, a breakfast, or a quick bite on the go, FRNDS Grand Cafe has got you covered!

Defining FRNDS Grand Cafe

Charming, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing are just a few words that define FRNDS Grand Cafe, a nice restaurant in Dubai located on the ground floor of the Address Fountain Views Hotel Downtown. The decor reflects the luxury of a modern loft with contrasting rich Artdeco styles, in addition to the rich menu of Mediterranean and Japanese flavors. Come for breakfast, lunch, or (and) dinner. 

FRNDS Grand Cafe is definitely one for the Dubai foodie bucket list and one of the hottest dining destinations where innovative dishes meet brilliant service. If you can’t say no to a Grand Seafood Tower (made of Canadian lobster, vongole, oysters, king prawns, smoked prawns, razor clams, and sea snails) and some Wagyu Tataki Truffle, then hotfoot it over to FRNDS Grand Cafe, Dubai. You will be spoilt for choice with breakfast selections (from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.), Mediterranean food, seafood, pasta, risotto, Japanese food, sashimi, salads, soups, yakitori, tempura, robatayaki, kushiyaki, patisseries du chariot, a la carte desserts, fresh cocktails, and everything in between. 

FRNDS Grand Cafe’s Different Elements

Many elements should come together to make a nice restaurant in Dubai. FRNDS Grand Cafe combines an excellent menu, captivating surroundings, special service, and, most importantly, uniqueness.

FRNDS Grand Cafe is one of the most highly-rated restaurants in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Its menu consists of distinct Mediterranean and Japanese courses that are thoughtfully crafted by Chef Matthis Grosjean from only the highest quality and freshest of ingredients. They are visually stunning and also brimming with flavors. This nice restaurant in Dubai serves up Mediterranean and Japanese specialties in a super luxe setting that makes you go ooh, la, la…

The talented and aspiring chef Matthis Grosjean, who has been at the helm of the restaurant, has devised a painstakingly outstanding menu of Mediterranean, Japanese, and French food. Don’t fret; FRNDS Grand Cafe’s executive chef recommends the best cooking methods, so you are definitely in good hands! FRNDS is absolutely on the fancy side when it comes to nice restaurants in Dubai.

Last but not least, FRNDS Grand Cafe is a slick spot that mixes Mediterranean and Japanese cuisines. While you can’t go wrong with any menu choice, everything in it is just excellent and worth a try. This all-day nice restaurant in Dubai is a great option for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. FRNDS is a charming venue where you can enjoy a lively atmosphere and excellent service that comes with a smile.

Working Hours

FRNDS Grand Cafe is a nice restaurant in Dubai and a must-visit Mediterranean and Japanese restaurant for every resident in this beautiful city, whether for a midday getaway or a nighttime knees-up. It opens from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. We suggest making reservations, arriving early, and making yourself comfy in one of its corners before filling up on everything from fresh seafood and sushi to grills and salads.

Whether you are swinging by for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, be sure to book ahead by visiting our website at https://frndsdubai.com, or sending an email at [email protected], or calling +971 4 564 2399. 

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