About us

FRNDS is a modern inspiration from the rich Artdeco period embodied in design and style reflecting our current world.

As part of its fine dining service standards, FRNDS offers top-notch Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine in the world in a relaxed yet elegant environment.


FRNDS is a new concept that reflects the luxury of a modern loft with contrasting rich Artdeco style. It exhibits elaborate Artdeco decorations and masks to capture the fantastic atmosphere and create a distinctive look that will inspire enthusiasm.

Gold elements with deep velvety colors such as red and green as well as natural plants reflect the royalty of the place with a modern touch. A floating marble table with warm lighting recreates the bar area.

Silky drapes, mirrors, massive crystal chandeliers, and high-end couches and furniture are part of a contemporary take on Artdeco salons and entertainment spaces.

Special menus

As a modern Mediterranean & Japanese fine dining restaurant, FRNDS has combined two of the most delectable cuisines. With our modern twist and special touch, the food & beverages menu complements the whole mood of the luxurious and mysterious ambiance we have created.

It’s a deluxe experience of sampling delicious menu items of the highest quality and spending time with friends sipping on crafted cocktails in the lounge.

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