Get Your Chopsticks Ready for the Best Japanese Food in Dubai

In recent years, Dubai’s food scene has seen an impressive rise, with restaurants smartly responding to the influx of glam visitors. Now, Dubai is brimming, especially with Japanese restaurants. It can be difficult to decide where to go when you want to taste true Japanese cuisine because there are so many options. Japanese is one of the most popular cuisines in town, and the best Japanese restaurants in Dubai are in high demand, especially FRNDS Grand Café as it offers a unique modern fusion of Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine, raking itself as one of the restaurants serving the best Japanese food in Dubai.

Looking for authentic Japanese cuisine?

Located on the ground floor of the Address Fountain Views Hotel Downtown, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, FRNDS Grand Cafe will transport you to a new world of culinary wonders. You will get to try a variety of tasty and modern Japanese food like yakitori, robatayaki, kushiyaki, etc… This high-end venue is a modern inspiration of the rich Art Deco period, embodied in design and style that reflects our current world.

Get to know Chef Matthis Grosjean

Chef Matthis Grosjean, FRNDS professional and executive head chef, had discovered his passion, mastering the culinary arts, in his youth. With a variety of mouthwatering gourmet creations, Chef Matthis’ talent in the kitchen will be showcased. This lively spot is a high-energy late-night hangout inspired by Mediterranean and Japanese cuisines. 

Now, if you are interested in knowing more about the best Japanese food in Dubai, head to FRNDS Grand Café.

This restaurant aspires to serve delicious, yet simple, Japanese cuisine, and it succeeds. Every time. Moreover, this elegant venue takes great pride in two things: its Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine, of course, and its awesome atmosphere, where all visitors can unwind with delicious food and good company. FRNDS menu items include yakitori, tempura, and sushi made with the finest ingredients to honor traditional Japanese cuisine. 

FRNDS Grand Cafe offers its guests a more elevated experience than other venues located in Dubai. It boasts an extensive menu and a buzzing, soothing atmosphere, providing an intimate yet elegant and minimalist Japanese dining experience. There is a lot to choose from on the menu, with dishes dedicated to different types of sushi and other Mediterranean or French desserts.

What is so special about FRNDS Grand Cafe?

The upscale venue features a modern setting, a new concept that combines the luxury of a modern loft with a rich Art Deco style. It features intricate Art Deco decorations and masks to capture the fantastic atmosphere and distinct look that will pique your interest. 

Gold elements with deep velvety colors like red and green and natural plants reflect the place’s royalty with a modern twist. The bar area is recreated by a floating marble table with warm lighting. A contemporary take on Art Deco salons and entertainment spaces includes silky drapes, mirrors, massive crystal chandeliers, and high-end couches and furniture. 

FRNDS Grand Cafe remains the most popular Japanese and Mediterranean restaurant in Dubai. Not only is the food and service consistently excellent, but the atmosphere is so welcoming and attractive. Whatever dish you pick, nothing on the menu will disappoint you! It is packed full of special dishes that you can order and enjoy the friendly vibe, which is paired suitably with attractive interiors. 

As a modern Mediterranean and Japanese fine dining restaurant, FRNDS Grand Cafe has combined two of the most delectable cuisines. The food is fresh and tasty, and the atmosphere is lively and casual. It is ideal for a night out with friends gathering and looking for a deluxe experience while sipping on crafted cocktails in the lounge. 

FRNDS Grand Cafe has a lot to love, and fans of Japanese cuisine in Dubai agree, as this restaurant has been around for a while and because the food is outstanding. Every single detail makes this place a must-visit if you are looking for the best Japanese food in Dubai.

Apart from Japanese dishes, there are several French and Mediterranean dishes available. The flavor of these plates is unlike anything else you have ever experienced. 

The Absolute Best Japanese Food in Dubai

Japanese cuisine is popular and in high demand all over the world due to its excellent and delicious flavors. FRNDS Grand Cafe is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Dubai, serving authentic Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine. It offers a wide variety of authentic and traditional Japanese dishes at reasonable prices and with excellent flavor. 

This restaurant is staffed by a top aspiring chef, Matthis Grosjean, who prepares delectable Japanese, French, and Mediterranean dishes. Assorted rolls, yakitori, tempura, robatayaki, and other dishes are available. As well as a wide selection of beverages, including mocktails, cocktails, and much more. This venue has a very good interior and is considered an ideal hangout or date spot. 

Looking for a lavishly upscale take on the best Japanese food in Dubai?

FRNDS Grand Cafe in Dubai melds modern fine dining with live entertainment every week. This venue is definitely worth a visit from Monday through Sunday, from 9:00 am until 3:00 am. 

Check the website, for more info and reservations. 

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