About us

About F.R.N.D.S.

FRNDS is a modern inspiration from the rich Artdeco period embodied in design and style reflecting our current world.

As part of its fine dining service standards, FRNDS offers top-notch Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine in the world in a relaxed yet elegant environment.

FRNDS has a warm, inviting atmosphere thanks to its magnificent architecture and natural components. All this creates a welcoming ambiance for customers seeking some relaxing time in a high-end setting. It’s the ideal spot to invite friends to a new and modern dining experience and flavors.

Our rich menu of Mediterranean and Japanese tastes raises interest in a not-so-standard culinary experience. Our lounge is so welcoming that customers who come in for a bite would end up enjoying late-night drinks.



To create a luxurious venue that serves a savory menu and immerses people in art and elegance during their time at FRNDS.


To become a unique and high-end restaurant and lounge that reflects Artdeco luxury in a modern way.


Born in Grenoble, a city nestled at the foot of the French Alps, Executive Chef Matthis Grosjean was exposed to fine-dining cuisine at an early age. In France, gastronomy is placed on a pedestal, and Chef Matthis came from a family with impressive culinary skills. One of his earliest memories in the kitchen was creating and enjoying desserts alongside family members every Sunday. From his youth Chef Matthis had found his passion, to master the culinary arts.

The aspiring chef attended the School Les Portes De Chartreuse, where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts in 2012. After receiving his diploma, he launched his career in some of the finest kitchens in France. Notable feats include working for a number of Michelin star locations around his native country. One of his first forays in the industry was at the 3-Michelin star venue Épicure in Le Bristol Hotel from 2012-2013. It was in this fast-paced environment where he developed the foundations of being rigorous, precise, and punctual.

In 2013, the young culinarian joined the team at Paul Bocuse L’Aurberge, another 3-Michelin star restaurant near the city of Lyon. During his two-year tenure at the gourmet locale, he mastered the techniques of the Classic French Kitchen from three of Chef Bocuse’s top protégés. Following his time in Lyon, Chef Matthis became part of the illustrious team at 2-Michelin star restaurant, Taillevent Paris in 2014. After his incumbency at the Paris institution, Chef Matthis went back to his roots and joined Group Paul Bocuse from 2016-2017. This opportunity allowed him to return to Lyon and work at Restaurant Marguerite, where he was in charge of planning and overseeing all kitchen operations.

After gaining additional experience as an Executive Chef in French fine dining restaurants and 5 Star Hotels Internationally, Chef Matthis was selected to join the acclaimed SOHO Family Hospitality Group to lead the culinary team at F.R.N.D.S. The soon-to-open venue will spotlight elevated Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine, highlighting expertly executed menus dedicated to each cuisine. Chef Matthis’ culinary prowess will take center stage with a range of delectable gourmet creations. 

Chef Matthis Grosjean
Head Chef, F.R.N.D.S.


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