FRNDS Grand Cafe: A Breakfast Restaurant in Downtown Dubai with Outdoor Seating

FRNDS Grand Cafe is a breakfast restaurant in Downtown Dubai with outdoor seating that invites you to enjoy a meal surrounded by the beauty of the opulent Art Deco era and contemporary design. Offering a refined space for those seeking top-notch Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine, FRNDS Grand Café has an atmosphere that seamlessly balances relaxation with elegance, making it the perfect breakfast destination.

Art Deco and Modern Elegance:

Drawing inspiration from the rich Art Deco period, FRNDS Grand Cafe presents a visual feast with intricate Art Deco decorations, masks, and a distinctive ambiance that feels palpable in the air. The interior of this breakfast restaurant in Downtown Dubai with outdoor seating, showcases gold accents, deep velvety colors, and natural plants, creating a regal yet modern environment.

A floating marble table with warm lighting takes center stage, recreating a stylish bar area. Silky drapes, mirrors, crystal chandeliers, and high-end furniture contribute to a contemporary reinterpretation of Art Deco salons and entertainment spaces.

Special Menus:

At FRNDS Grand Cafe, you get a unique culinary experience that brilliantly celebrates the flavors of Mediterranean and Japanese cuisines. The menu, infused with a modern twist and a special touch, offers a selection of delectable dishes and crafted cocktails that perfectly complement the luxurious and mysterious ambiance at this breakfast restaurant in Downtown Dubai with outdoor seating.

Breakfast Bliss at FRNDS Grand Café:

FRNDS Grand Café, recognized as one of the best breakfast restaurants in Downtown Dubai with outdoor seating, doesn’t take its breakfast menu lightly. Whether you’re seeking a leisurely morning with colleagues, enjoying a meal with the family, or catching up with friends over coffee, the café sets the perfect stage for a great meal.

Start Your Day Right:

Start your day at FRNDS Grand Café with an exquisite breakfast featuring classic French croissants made with French butter and homemade orange marmalade. For a delightful crunch, indulge in the Parfait Granola, a layered masterpiece of Greek yogurt, fresh berries, and granola.

Those craving warmth and comfort can savor the Riz au Lait, a rice pudding adorned with caramel sauce, caramelized hazelnuts, pecans, and a touch of luxury with gold leaves. For a lighter breakfast option, delve into the simplicity of the Oatmeal – a satisfying dish made with oats porridge, granola, condensed milk, and berries.

A Breakfast Feast for Every Palate:

At one of the best breakfast restaurants in Downtown Dubai with outdoor seating, the morning menu promises many sweet and savory treats. You may opt for the cottage cheese pancakes served with vanilla chantilly, caramel sauce, and raspberry jam. Or go for classic breakfast options like avocado toast, sunny-side-up eggs, white omelets, and cheese and vegetable omelets that cater to diverse preferences. Regardless of the direction you go with, FRNDS Grand Café is sure to pleasantly surprise you.

Pizza Pleasures and Meat Lovers’ Paradise:

When you’re at one of the best breakfast restaurants in Downtown Dubai with outdoor seating, check out the pizza offerings. Featuring options like the Truffle with artichoke, black truffle, and blue cheese, or the Bianco and Burrata pizzas, you can rest assured that each option tastes better than the next. For meat enthusiasts, the menu boasts extraordinary choices, from the show-stopping Tomahawk to the succulent Ribeye steak, Duck Breast, and the flavorful Rack of Lamb.

There’s Something for Everyone

Dive into the ocean of flavors with the Grand Seafood Tower, Bluefin tuna steak, Chilean sea bass, and MonkFish à l’Armoricaine. Elevate your meal with some uneatable side dishes, including Truffle Fries with blue cheese sauce, grilled or steamed vegetables, mixed greens, mashed potatoes, and the unique wild black rice. Each side complements the main course for a well-rounded dining experience.

Sushi aficionados can explore the artistry of sushi with a diverse Rolls selection, such as the F.R.N.D.S Rolls featuring foie gras, black caviar, and bluefin tuna.

Upon finishing your main course, refresh your palate with an array of invigorating salads, including the Midori salad, Kaiso with seaweed, and bamboo shoots, and Andalusian salad featuring home-smoked quail. Each salad is a burst of freshness and creativity, adding a vibrant touch to your dining experience.

Make Your Reservation Today

Experience the allure of FRNDS Grand Cafe by making a reservation today. Whether you’re planning a casual gathering or a special celebration, FRNDS Grand Café is undoubtedly one of the best breakfast restaurants in Downtown Dubai with outdoor seating.

For reservations and inquiries, reach out at +971 4 564 2399 or via email at [email protected]. FRNDS Grand Café is open every day from 8:00 AM to 3:00 AM, inviting you to indulge in the luxurious ambiance and exceptional offerings at the best breakfast restaurant in Downtown Dubai with outdoor seating.

FRNDS Grand Cafe looks forward to extending a warm welcome to all guests, promising a harmonious blend of sophistication, exceptional cuisine, and the joy of shared moments. Secure your table now and enjoy a breakfast unlike any other!

For further information and to browse the full scope of FRNDS Grand Café’s menu, check out the website:

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